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Cartões de Visita

A business card is an essential element to advertise your company.

Is a small card, where are included information about a particulary person or company.

Generally, the information included in a business card are the name, position or function, addresss, phone number and email, where these may be added or omitted.

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Is a support on paper, affixed so that it is noticeable in public places. Is main function is to promote information visually, and can also be considered as a piece of aesthetic value.

In addition to its importance as a advertising mean is also a visual information mean.

Our designers draw posters with great aesthetic value, enhancing the importance of the purpose intended.

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The catalogs manufacture for advertising purposes is a greater help to consolidate a company's market.

We draw any design service from concept development to its paging.

The collaboration of our clients in this process is fundamental in order to impart their objectives and their perception of the market in which to insert

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The logo is an essential element in order to improve the company image.

This is characterized by being a graphical representation of the brand, and so that, it is necessary to follow a visual pattern that becomes recognized wherever he is.

So the graphic design of a logo becomes essential and must be performed with the most professionalism regardless of business area, audience and purpose of the company.

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The merchandising is a technical, action or promotional material, which is used in a particular place of sale, which provides better visibility to products, brands or services, with the purpose of motivating and influencing purchasing decisions of consumers.

It is thus a set of marketing and communication activities designed to identify, control, and brand promotion, products or services...

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